Therapeutic Massage and Reiki are powerful holistic healing tools that affect all levels of a person - physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual. One aspect of a person doesn't stand apart from another, and when someone experiences trauma, stress, or disease, it affects all levels simultaneously. 

In my 30 years of working with my clients, I have had many experiences where I have received imagery while working with someone, and I have drawn these images for my clients in hopes that they will be meaningful to them. I think of them as Light Images, because many of them deal with a person's inner light, which relates to the true essence of who they are. They also are representational of a loving universal life force energy that surrounds and protects us, and wants the best for our lives. 

I have decided to share some of these images, in the hopes that they will be inspirational and meaningful to those who see them during these challenging times.

If you are interested in working with your own inner light, please feel free to contact me.